Monday, August 31, 2009

I love indian...

...Sauce that isn't spicy! And naan bread is the best :) I got this sauce on sale at Whole Foods


Peanut butter filled chocolate cookies

One word to describe these.....Heavenly. If you love peanut butter and chocolate then you will LOVE these :) Recipe via The Post Punk Kitchen blog. I tell you, I have never tried one single thing from any of Isa Moscowitz (or friends) recipes that I haven't loved.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Amazing random concoction sandwich

So this evening for dinner I had a random thought pop into my head to make this sandwich, which turned out to be SUPER YUMMY. I am proud of myself. I mean it's no gourmet meal, or fancy healthy dish, it's just my very delicious specialty garlic bread toasted in the oven with tomatoes and then hot fried tofu (my moms specialty) smacked together with butter lettuce in between. I must say that this sandwich is going to make it onto my frequently make list :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Alfredo vegan style!

Ok so this stuff is gooood. I discovered this recipe on Don't get mad, get vegan! from a google search I was doing because I wanted to see if there was a decent vegan recipe for alfredo sauce. You might want to go over and check out her picture, I think it shows off the sauce better. My dad loves the regular stuff and I wanted to find a better, healthier alternative. And I think I did :) And it goes great with my yummy vegan garlic bread.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chinese and tamales

Yum. Eggrolls. Though, I never knew why they have that name, they have no eggs in them. And I was thinking about this and I've decided that chinese is my very favorite food. I can eat it until I pop and I NEVER get sick of it like I do other foods. And these vegan tamales I get at the Co-op in Davis are HEAVENLY.

Berries berries berries

I love fresh berries, and I love taking pictures of them :)

Linas porridge

My amazing cousin Lina made this for us for breakfast while I was at her house, it is rice and apples and a cinnamon stick and raisins (which i picked out of mine i don't like raisins) But it was still super delicious.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Blue cheese?

Ok so way back when.....I was a.....Non vegan..I LOVED blue cheese dressing on my salad, actually I basically don't like salad without it. So I haven't really had salad untill...I found this "cheese"!! It tastes, no lie (and I loved the real stuff so trust me on this) exactly like blue cheese JUST like it, it's creepy. But wonderful! I like this even better, it's not real cheese that's well,been, molding. It's made with some sort of seed that I guess tastes just like the stuff. So in short, I had to tell you all about this fun discovery so now go check it out for yourself! It is here

Coconut lime cupcakes

So these little gems were light and tropical and tangy and sweet and moist and chewy and just plain yummy! And aren't they down right adorable? I just wanted to take pictures of them everywhere....Hmmm I feel an idea blooming........Traveling cupcakes.....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Second lava cake

So. My second attempt at lava cakes, and as you can see the lava is more of a pool in the top (not sure how that happened) And they were a bit lighter in both flavor, texture and richness then the first recipe, I didn't like these incredibly much because of it. My mom loved them, but I am going to try again!