Thursday, June 25, 2009

Birthday cake

Today is my brothers 14th birthday so I made him a cake. This is a chocolate, black raspberry cake with vanilla frosting. I have been baking cakes forever and just now mastering the art, I think this one is my best work yet. But still flawed, I had frozen raspberries and didn't think about the fact that they would melt, and run on the cake. But I learned my lesson :) Well my brother didn't want singing or candles so that is why there are no pictures. Oh and this is my brand "new" cake plate complete with dome in a 50's style, I have been wanting one forever and the day I planned to make the cake I decided to go to a thrift store and give it a shot looking for one, and there it was! I got this baby for 8 bucks :) And it looks practically brand new.

Going.......... Going..... .....Gone.

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  1. wow! this cake looks amazing & it's VEGAN!!? awesome!