Wednesday, July 21, 2010

pine-nut-and-basil seared "chicken" with mushroom beurre blanc, braised kale, and roasted fingerling potatoes

Yes I know, that is quite a title, but it is oh so appropriate for this amazingly scrumptious bit of vegan heaven. Ever since I got Tal Ronnen's cookbook The Conscious Cook I have fallen in love with him, his use of ingredients and flavor combos are glorious and  he is heaven sent to us vegans out there and I'm so thankful that he can show non vegan/vegetarians how yummy a healthy animal/eco friendly lifestyle can be. This is the first dish I made from the book and it was love at first bite! My non vegan family loved it and I am super excited to make it for my non vegan friends. This picture doesn't do it justice but I hope it's enough to make your mouth water. ;)

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